Bridal Games Boston

Brides to be ... want to join a FUN event with a lighthearted spirit? Then, Bridal Games Boston is for you!

On Sunday, August 19th, join us along with many premier Wedding Vendors at the state-of-the-art, climate controlled Danvers Indoor Sports arena, Danvers, MA.

Brides to be, bridesmaids, friends, moms, and whomever else you wish to invite, will take on a series of FUN and hilarious vendor challenges to WIN FABULOUS PRIZES.

So, what is Bridal Games all about?

Bridal Games is a team competition event, where brides to be and their friends together as a team compete against other teams in a variety of challenges to score as many points as they can. Each wedding vendor hosts a challenge and registers your score on the official form to be added up at the end of the competition. This is a cumulative score competition, the top 3 teams with the highest scores are awarded the Grand Prizes. 

STARTING AT 10:00 a.m. the day of the event:

CHECK-IN if you purchased your ticket online (brides $5, team members $20), or REGISTER and purchase your tickets at the door ($25 per person).  EACH PERSON REGISTERS INDIVIDUALLY. We accept credit card payments.


Grab a bite and a beverage in the  Café and leisurely mingle with the local wedding vendors, it's time to get inspired, ask questions, and gather information for your wedding planning. 

At about 11:30 we call everyones attention for a welcome announcement, and quick orientation session. Immediately after LET THE GAMES BEGIN! All the teams will have 3 hours to compete in all sorts of challenges


When the buzzer sounds, competition is over and the score forms will be collected from all the vendor challenges. Scores are added up and immediately after the WINNERS are announced and we will be presenting all the prizes

Teams can have a minimum of 2 people, the bride to be and 1 team member, and no maximum limit to how many team members a team can have. The bride to be and each team member registers individually. Must be 18 or older to compete.

Team attire. As you know, we are encouraging all brides and friends to dress the part and have FUN at this event. Attire can be as simple as workout clothes and sneakers or you can put your creativity to work and conceive the ultimate costume worthy the win of Best Team Attire!

Check-in starts at 10 a.m. the day of the event. All must check in upon arrival and be ready to present proof of purchase and picture ID. The team captain will be responsible to present the Team Name. Team members will be placed in their respective teams by the bride's name.


Team member walk-ins are welcome and will be able to register the morning of the event up to 10:45 a.m., for a fee of $25 each.


Challenges vary from more physically demanding competitions like Tug-O-War and Bubble Bounce Battle, to more passive activities like Trivia and Lip Sync. Keep in mind that all the challenges are optional, the main purpose is for everyone to have a great time and meet some of the most regarded Wedding Vendors in the industry, you should take on only the challenges you feel comfortable with. Here is a list of some of the challenges planned for Bridal Games Boston:

All-Star Shootout 

Balloon Pop Race 

Best Team Attire

Best Team Name

Bon Voyage 

Bouquet Toss

Bubble Bounce Battle

Step In

Defend The Gem

Dress To Impress


How Low Can You Go

Human Peg

Limo Push

Lip Synk 

Mine Field

Movin' On Up

Name That Tune

Obstacle Course

Sac Race

Set The Table Race


Tic-Tac-Toe Race

Trike Jymkhana




IT'S INSANE... BRIDAL GAMES GIVES AWAY THE BEST PRIZES! Thanks to the solid relationships we forged with our sponsors, our prizes represent more value to our guests.



• $1,000.00 CASH!!!

• Vacation for 2 - 11 locations to choose from. Mexico, Las Vegas, Orlando, Spain, & more!

• $200 Gift Card from


• Vacation for 2 - 11 locations to choose from. Mexico, Vegas, Orlando, Spain, & more!

• $200 Gift Card, provided by!

3rd. PLACE

• Vacation for 2 - 11 locations to choose from. Mexico, Vegas, Orlando, Spain, & more!


1st place - Each team members will receive a $200 Gift Card from

2nd place - Each team members will receive a $40 Gift Card

3rd place - Each team members will receive a $20 Gift Card


Best Team Attire - 1 Cookware Set

Best Team Name - 1 Cookware Set


We want to give more brides a chance to go home with a 5-Night Vacation to Cancun, or a 3-Night stay in Orlando, Las Vegas and other choice locations, so we are also adding the Prize Wheel to this Bridal Games Boston event. EVERY BRIDE that doesn't score on the top 3 places, will also have a chance to win a vacation with a lucky spin of the wheel.

Sign Up

1st. STEP

Register yourself, FIRST 100 BRIDES registering for Bridal Games Boston PAY ONLY $5 - Each team member registers individually. ONE BRIDE PER TEAM. Team name is not needed until the day of the event. 

2nd. STEP

Besides your registration, you will need at least one teammate to be able to compete, and there's no limit on how many team members you can have in your team. 

It's time to recruit the made of honor, bridesmaids, mother of the bride, friends, the choice is yours, all are welcome.

Online registration closes August 16th at 8 p.m.

Walk-ins the day of the event will pay $25. We accept credit card payments at the event. (Upon availability)

3rd. STEP

GET READY TO BATTLE IT OUT! Team attire can be as simple as workout clothes and sneakers, or you can let your creativity run wild and coordinate tutu's with matching team t-shirts, crazy sunglasses, hats, feather boas, it's all about having fun together with your teammates!

Must be 18 years of age or older to participate. Expecting moms are not allowed to compete but are welcome to spectate and cheer you on, along with family and friends, all are welcome to join us for a fee of $5 per person paid at the door only.

For safety reasons, no children under the age of 10 are allowed to spectate.  "Battlefield" is off limits to all spectators, please stay in the designated areas. TEAM NAME NOT NEEDED UNTIL THE DAY OF THE EVENT. 

We're collecting voluntary donations for the Breast Cancer Research Foundation, with the mission to prevent and cure breast cancer by advancing the world's most promising research. There are no additional fees charged on donations, and all proceeds go directly to the charity organization. An option to donate will be available in the ticket purchase screen, please help if you can. Thank you.


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