Vacation Giveaway Sponsorship

Vacation incentives, it's a very powerful tool for any business looking to boost sales leads

In general, it is not financially feasible for many small businesses to offer a vacation as a prize for their promotions. Vacation giveaways generate a tremendous amount of interest, producing huge numbers of sales leads.

Right now is the ideal time to reset, refocus and be prepared for when business fires up again! Couples will continue to get married and you need be in touch to gain their consideration.

Now, it is possible for you too to step up and play in the big leagues. Offer a Vacation Giveaway Sweepstakes campaign and grow your wedding leads list.

You can be confident that your prize is the real deal, with 5-night accommodations for 2 adults and up to 2 children under 12 in a luxury resort. There are NO timeshare presentations required to use this vacation certificate or any other hoops the winner will need to jump to redeem. And due to the present conditions, all Incentives activated since January of this year will now be given 24 months to select travel dates versus the previous 18 months allowed as well as all new activations until further notice.

Grand Wedding Expo will create for your business a Vacation Giveaway campaign.


The only thing you can not afford is to miss this opportunity. Our special arrangement with a dominant online sales travel company, makes it possible for us to offer these marketing campaigns at a very affordable price.


Here are the benefits of sponsoring a GWE Vacation Sweepstakes:

• We dedicate 1 Vacation Giveaway exclusively branded for your business

• Your business will receive a landing page dedicated exclusively for your campaign

• Landing page, Emails, and Social Media ads design and set-up included 

• Three months of intensive exposure to thousands of prospects

• You'll receive the leads of participants in real time during the 3 months term

• Dedicated date for your prize draw

• Email notification of winner to all participants

Total package price - $399

We have a limited amount of these vacation packages available, don't miss this great opportunity, reserve yours today.

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