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Children In Your Ceremony

Children make a delightful addition to any wedding celebration. When including children in the wedding party, it is important to note their enthusiasm and excitement. It often equals, if not exceeds, that of the other attendants.

Be sure to ask early in your planning, giving the child, "the joy of looking forward to the big day" and telling all their friends about the beautiful dress or grown-up suit they get to wear to the wedding. It is a good idea to make a special day for shopping or fittings with the dress maker, followed by lunch or a trip to the ice cream parlor.

Do not take young children, when shopping for a bridal gown. It is not fair to the child, as they tire easily and it is not fun for them to watch someone else try on dresses for hours on end. Make your time with them special and memorable. Be sure to take a camera and share your photos as you have them developed. Children love to have their pictures taken!

To make it fun and easy for the children who have been chosen to take part in the wedding be sure to give them the 

same consideration as adult attendants. Carefully spell out details of what you expect. For children who will be in the actual wedding ceremony, a spot of tape on the floor will help them remember where to stand, maybe even with their initials on them.

During the rehearsal, suggest the children practice more than once or twice, allowing them to be sure of what is expected. Young children are not expected to go to the rehearsal dinner, but may do so if the bride requests it.

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