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Are you contemplating exhibiting with Grand Wedding Expo?

The wedding industry may have taken a hard hit in 2020 due to COVID-19, but experts are expecting it to come back tenfold in the second half of 2021.

That energy in the air is love and hope heading into the summer and the end of this year. Many 2020 brides had to cancel or postpone their wedding due to the pandemic, but as more people get vaccinated and businesses re-open, couples are feeling comfortable proceeding with their plans.


Massachusetts, Rhode Island and neighboring states have reopened with businesses operating at 100% capacity and rolling back to normal public events guidelines.  


It is time to get in front of these couples finally able to plan wedding dates with confidence and realize their wedding plans. But you need to be visible and readily available to communicate with these very well qualified prospects. 

Don't fall into the false sense of security based on your years in the business. A new crop of prospects planning their wedding emerges every season, and you need to be on the front line to take advantage of the opportunities. 


If you're looking to capture your fair share of this upcoming boom, Grand Wedding Expo offers the perfect platform for your business to add more dollars to the bottom line. 

Our events well attended, and our reputation among our exhibitors and the wedding industry in New England, supports the confidence of our continued ability to  offer large qualified captive audiences eager to realize the wedding of their dreams. 


A large percentage of our exhibitors return year after year as a testimonial of the excellent results obtained from our events. 

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