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Planning Tips

You found it! Everything you need to plan your wedding. From the "I Do" to the "Thank you's", it is all here.

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Calendar of Events 
From the moment he "pops the question," until you say, "I Do," there seems to be an infinite number of things to do and plans to be made. The following is a guideline provided to assist you in taking it "One Step at a Time." Read more >>>

Choosing Your Wedding Gown 

One of the most important decisions you will make when planning your wedding is selecting "the perfect gown," meant to dazzle your man. Whether you know exactly what you are looking for, or if you're beginning your search with little more than a general idea, there are several things you should consider before purchasing your gown. Read more >>>

Everything You Should Know Before Planning Pre-wedding Parties 
What are all those wedding parties for and why are there so many? From Bridal Showers to Bachelor Parties has it all. Read more >>>

Your Ceremony Timetable 
Planning a timetable to follow for your wedding day must be customized to each individual situation. The following guidelines assume a church wedding with wedding photos taken in advance of the ceremony, which is becoming more popular every year. Read more >>>

Wedding Survival Kit 
The "Wedding Survival Kit" is a must for every bride. The following list includes items you will want to assemble and take to your wedding in the event of a "minor emergency." Read more >>>

Children in Your Ceremony
Children make a delightful addition to any wedding celebration. When including children in the wedding party, it is important to note their enthusiasm and excitement. It often equals, if not exceeds, that of the other attendants. Read more >>>

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