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5 New Nuptials Trends That Have Us Embracing the 2021

An out-of-the-box welcome.

We’ve always been fans of the wedding welcome bag, but this year introduced us to the wedding box - and we’re still really wrapped up in the look of it. So, what’s new for this welcome box that wasn’t such a big thing for the bag? Well, 1) if you’re sticking with a smaller guest list, you can get a little more generous with the contents (not just a couple small nips of alcohol, a pair of water bottles, and a locally-sourced snack or two, these might have a reusable water bottle. a more full-size bottle of champs or the bride or groom’s favorite bottle, and personalized flutes or whisky glasses, etc.) and 2) since we’re still living in a COVID-conscious world, you might want to include curated hand sanitizers or colorful disinfecting mists to match your color palette and stylish, aesthetic-coordinated face masks that your guests can wear to your wedding. More >>>


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