Love Letters

Marquee letters are amazing for decorating your wedding ceremony and reception. Industrial, vintage, rustic and modern weddings look awesome with marquees and you can tailor them for a glam celebration.

British firm Doris Loves has moved stateside! The new US company is family-owned and operated by Alison and Ross MacDonald, (Braintree, MA), serving all of greater Boston and the wider New England region.

At the heart of Doris Loves USA is our range of light-up lettering, numbers, and signs (hearts and hashtags, oh my!) which make the perfect signatory centrepieces and photographic backdrop for every occasion. Our figures quite literally outshine the competition: designed and handcrafted one at a time by American artisans, these figures are 4 feet tall, 2 feet wide, with an average of 80 white LED bulbs per letter. The only place to see bigger, brighter letters is on a Broadway stage. The lighting is battery operated, giving you and your photographer mobility and making the figures suitable for day-into-night events.

Marquees are great for wedding backdrops – just take large "LOVE" letters or your initials and place them for your backdrop, add lights and flowers. Decorate your venue with whimsy marquee initials or just a sweet "I Do" phrase. Label "BAR" letters in a corresponding area, and "LOVE" letters on the sweetheart table or above it. What about "DANCE" letters over the dance floor, isn’t it a gorgeous idea? Cover the letters with flowers or greenery to make them fit your wedding decor.

Visit Doris Loves USA website http://www.dorisloves.com/ - Get inspired!

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