Wedding Planner Guide

Wedding Planner Recommendations for Brides

Top wedding planners have the following recommendations for the newly engaged couple to consider when choosing a wedding venue.

  • Develop a budget.

  • Estimate a guest list.

  • Choose a wedding date or time frame.

  • Find a space that aligns with your vision (rustic, modern, indoor or outdoor).

  • View real wedding photos.

  • Obtain referrals.

  • Find out about contingencies for bad weather.

  • Ask if there are full service options.

  • Find out about catering and vendor restriction.

  • Discover if you have exclusive use of the property.

  • How will the venue take care of your guests? Is there on site lodging, parking and so on.

  • Set up a tasting.

  • Book the venue.

Bitter Sweet Farm, Westport, MA

Source: www.whitestonemarketing.com

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