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Virtual Event Bag

The Virtual Event Bag is a more effective way of connecting with your prospects before, during and after the event, offering them special incentives that will drive more traffic to your booth... and it's so easy to create online.


CREATE - The Bag Content Builder Tool is simple and easy to use, just point, click and drag, write your text, and publish it, that's it, you are done! And if you are too busy to do it yourself, just Email us the information for your offer and we will create it for you.


SHARE - Once your offer is posted, we will be reaching out to the attendees that already purchased tickets to the show online, and present your offers. They will have access to this information before, during and after the event.

We will also be promoting the Virtual Event Bag offers to be seen by thousands of prospects online, starting 2 weeks prior to the event's date via Email blasts, Social Channels Ads and our Website.


REPORT - Visitor activity is tracked through the process populating reports showing performance of your Event Bag. You will have real-time access to your placement report to monitor engagement and ROI.


One Offer Placement flat-cost service plan $50


CONTACT US if you want us to create it for you.

Payment Options:

Checks - Grand Wedding Expo, Inc. - 200 Fatima Dr. Somerset, MA 02726




*Virtual Event Bag placements can be created before payment is made. Content will be made public only after full payment is received.

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