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Virtual Events Benefits

Virtual Events Benefits: Why Opt for a Virtual Exhibition?

Advances in virtual expo software have paved the way for the exceedingly popular movement towards all-virtual sales experiences. Exhibitors are championing virtual expos for their relatively low costs and substantial ROI. 

Here’s why.

The ability to generate qualified leads directly from your office without having to run up travel bills, booth preparation, and collateral materials makes virtual trade shows extremely attractive. Lower barriers to entry also mean that virtual trade shows attract more diverse attendees, creating massive online audiences for companies to share their innovations with.

How do I know? The numbers prove it. 

Virtual events rank as the 2nd most important source of information considered by business decision-makers when it comes time to invest in new technologies, according to Forrester’s research.

If you haven’t considered exhibiting at a virtual expo just yet, I think these benefits will change your mind. Let’s take a closer look at the top virtual expo benefits. 

1. Exhibitors save a ton on resources.

You guessed it… more money in your pocket!

Virtual exhibitions mean exhibitors can save a ton of money on travel, lodging, promotional items, and other costly expenses typically associated with expos. 

The reduced cost of virtual exhibiting allows many more exhibitors to participate, specially during these challenging times.

But wait, it gets better…

2. Virtual events bring more attendees (a.k.a. qualified leads).

The larger pool of exhibitors is only surpassed by the even larger increase in attendees. 

Stay with me here. Virtual events are easier for attendees to join because there is no travel involved, specially in winter months where weather can be an issue, and there is less chance of schedule conflicts. Come one, come all, from the comfort of your laptop or smartphone. 

The best part?

Online exhibitions allow you to track those self-qualified leads in the following manner. 

3. Big data captures information you just can’t get at physical events.

At physical events, you usually just get a standard attendance report. 

At virtual exhibitions, reporting and analytics track every move attendees make. You know how they came, where they went, what they did, with whom they chatted, etc.  

Here’s the best part. 

On the lead nurturing front, you can even run analytics on content located in the event. By knowing how many attendees viewed and/or downloaded a piece of collateral, you can tailor your future content and conversations around the content that your qualified leads found valuable. 

I’ll explain. 

As hyper-personalization in virtual events becomes the norm, this data will contribute to your follow-up strategy, giving high-value content and personalized CTAs based on specific user’s interest.

Historically, this data has been virtually impossible to track. 

Now, the aforementioned lead data collected at virtual expos can actually be collected and redistributed for all exhibitors. The data compiled is readily available to all of the exhibitors involved, which allows for smooth lead capture if you are using the right virtual trade show platform. 

4. Virtual exhibitions give exhibitors increased exposure. 

Virtual events have longer lifespans than their physical counterparts. 

What does that mean?

Where a physical exhibition might last 1 days with shorter duration, a virtual conference can have longer exhibit time.

Not only can you go live longer, but with Virtual Grand Wedding Expo, the event will remain on-demand continually, with permanent access to booths, presentations, documents, videos, etc.

Here’s why that’s important. 

If you opt-in to continued exhibit status, permanent  access to your virtual exhibition online will increase the opportunities for you to connect with prospects, and drives more traffic to your website, creating residual SEO juice for your brand and generate a substantial amount of leads LONG after the doors to a physical trade show would have closed.

Now that’s just good business.

5. Various forms of media enhance the sales experience.

What’s the fundamental goal of virtual trade shows?

I’ll tell you. As we deal with the challenges of the health threat we are contending with these days, it will allow for the same type of interaction that is available at traditional trade shows without the high costs of travel and purchasing trade show booths. 

Virtual grand Wedding Expo integrate live video chat, instant messaging, seminar technologies, live stream, file download, and other means of communication into a single, smooth operating environment.

Is a smooth sales experience that important? The answer is a clear yes. 

Online shopping statistics show us that companies with strong omnichannel engagement retain 89% of their customers.

For this reason, virtual trade shows are becoming one of the most popular ways for companies to communicate their messages quickly and effectively, exhibiting their innovations to mass online audiences. 

6. Attendees and exhibitors engage at an unprecedented rate.

I can almost hear your thinking “…but we want to network with other attendees and exhibitors!” However, this common misconception couldn’t be further from the truth.

Virtual events actually make it easier for attendees to interact with each other and sponsors. 

Everyone creates their own online profiles, allowing them to interact in event-wide group chats, and engage in value-packed conversations with other participants.

Chatting with booth reps and guests becomes a breeze with virtual because attendees feel they can ask questions uninhibitedly, attaining all the information they need without ever fearing they’ll miss a presentation, runway show, virtual tour, workshop, seminar, or keynote speaker. 

The best part? All the data accrued from chats and interactions are stored in a database and allow you to better nurture your leads post-event.

It’s Time to Join Virtual Grand Wedding Expo: Get Started Today

So what’s my point?

The virtual exhibition is a growing tool in the marketing arsenal. 

Although in our opinion physical exhibitions will never go extinct, reliable virtual exhibitions make it easier than ever to extend your web of industry contacts and gain more qualified leads, all while effectively improving your company’s bottom line. 

If you’re thinking about exhibiting in a virtual expo, get in touch with a rep at GWE to see how we can help you get started today. >>>


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