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January 9 and 10, 2021

Going Virtual!

Everything you need to get leads and do more business right now...

The Virtual Grand Wedding Expo is the perfect and ONLY solution available right now for wedding professionals looking to meet couples in large numbers, planning their wedding.


Due to the present COVID19 restrictions, all Bridal & Wedding Expos previously scheduled to take place in Massachusetts and some of the neighboring states are on hold. But the fact is, couples are not waiting to go ahead with their plans. The first half of 2021 is already getting flooded with this year's postponements and new wedding bookings as well.

For this reason, we decided to pivot the Fall/Winter shows from on-site events to Virtual Expos. This will be a great opportunity for you to still have a viable outlet to meet prospects, and book more weddings in a safe environment. 

Our Virtual Expo is not merely a digital facsimile of our face-to-face events. In addition, it was devised to also take full advantage of the opportunities that an online environment affords, offering algorithm-driven matchmaking with industry experts and thought leaders; one-to-one secure video meetings; live chats, and an innovative digital platform that makes during these two glorious days, networking, sourcing, lead capturing, booking appointments, selling and sharing inspiration feel entirely seamless.

This January 9-10 Virtual Expo can be accessed from anywhere through an Internet connection and a desktop web browser, laptop, mobile phone, or tablet. And our unique state of the art highly interactive online platform, will feature a Virtual Wedding Expo Hall allowing the exhibitors and attendees to connect directly in real time via private or group chats, text, or email.

   You will be able to:

   • Exhibit your business during a scheduled time with a virtual booth

   • Chat live to answer questions and sell your products & services

   • Schedule meetings

   • Book weddings

   • Host Live Stream Sessions or pre-recorded video presentations, runways, etc.

   • Gamification providing incentives for the attendees to visit your "booth" 

   • Receive the leads list for follow-ups


We have a variety of ways for you to get involved as a sponsor. From Leaderboard exposure to Session presentation, prize giveaways, and more!

Contact us if interested in becoming a Sponsor.


Just like we would for any live event, we are applying the same tactical promotional plan for our online events. Starting by inviting everyone in the ways we always have for in-person events: email newsletters, social media, and adding all our marketing arsenal to social media outlets, Google and YouTube ads. Our geographic target area is the 6 New England States: ME, VT, NH, MA, RI, CT.

Doing nothing now is the worst decision you can make. Jump aboard and rise to the top with the pack. You will be opportunely noticed, and prosperity will be your reward.

ve_01_2021_exhibit_hall copy.jpg

*Features in detail


Our 'Gamification' feature will allow future brides and grooms attending this Virtual Event to accumulate points each time they contact an exhibitor, or session speaker during the event. As guests reach different score levels, they will have the option to redeem the earned points for great prizes, like vacations, gift cards, vouchers and more! This is not a game of chance, more proactivity will award the guests more point, which in turn will present the opportunity for the participating guests to choose prizes of higher value. This is a very powerful feature, providing you, the exhibitor, more traffic and the opportunity to 'meet', greet, and discuss wedding plans with more prospects.

Leaderboard Ad:

This banner is a great way to direct more traffic your way. Dimensions are 500px x 110px, and static images, GIF files, and MP4 video can be uploaded. Rotation with a duration of 10 sec. on each exposure.

Lead Retrieval:

Exhibitor lead retrieval is a must-have for every organization looking to track and manage exactly who stopped by their virtual booth. This feature allows you and your staff to virtually collect contact information (name and email at minimum) and notes, capturing leads in real-time. Key contact information for your leads will be made instantly available to you in your exhibitor portal.

Live Video Booth:

With this feature, you will be able to host a constant live video meeting at your booth using "PheedLoop Meet". Built-in to your booth will be an option called "Join Live" (button) which will be available during the exhibit hall hours specified by the event. This experience will mimic the on-site experience, allowing attendees passing by to view demos, ask questions, and learn more. You will also be able to branch off into private video and text conversations with attendees.


Showcase your expertise presenting a scheduled session in the event's program. This may be a Workshop, Demonstration, Tutorial, Virtual Tour, Runway Show and more. Duration may not exceed 15 minutes via live stream or pre-recorded video session with a file size not to exceed 1GB, and with duration also limited to 15 minutes. Video production of presentation is not included.

Video Advertising: 

This advertising package will offer you even more exposure with 40 / :30 sec. spots to run 4 per hr. and a total of 10 hours in the 2 days, on the Lobby's main screen. Video production of the :30 sec. ad is not included. 


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