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Why Exhibit?
Why Exhibit?

The  wedding industry is prospering, couples are spending more than ever, and with nearly 2.5 million weddings a year in the United States, the industry is providing more opportunities for growth than ever! 

If you're looking to capture your fair share of this market, Grand Wedding Expo is a premier producer of wedding and bridal events in the states of Massachusetts and Rhode Island. We are the optimal vehicle to lead you to the exposure you need to grow your business further.


Founded in 2005, GWE presently produces five events annually, providing both local and national businesses a great setting for future brides, grooms and partners to meet you face-to-face, and learn about all your business has to offer.


GWE is constantly adjusting its marketing strategy to assure the highest quality of guests, ready to make decisions and acquire wedding and bridal products, merchandise, and services. 

When you join our events, you receive more than just exhibit space, you also receive:

• The leads list from the show with hundreds of contacts for you to pursue

• Your business will be listed on our website for 12 months with a link to your website/social channel

•  You have the option to offer promotional items, samples, and coupons in the show's swag bag


Call: 508•472•3093


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